Socimex Group

Socimex Group composes of six companies that operate within various economic sectors.
We operate in basic necessity importation and distribution, construction, transportation, vehicle dealership, vegetable palm oil refining, and food processing.
Mr. Ibrahim Ahmad Issaoui, the founder of the Socimex Group, has lived in the Democratic Republic of Congo for most of his life. Mr. Issaoui, committed to help the DRC to a more favorable future. He is investing in the Democratic Republic of Congo because of his trust in the country's potential, as well as his pledge to empower the Congolese people.
The Socimex Group includes Socimex, Safrimex, Sonades, Socitrans, Central Motors, along with Congo Oil and Derivatives.
Socimex, established in 1998, is a giant importer and distributor of basic necessity products. Our goal is to supply the country with nutritious food at affordable costs for consumers from all walks of life.
Safrimex engineers and builds the future, was founded in 2002. The company specializes in civil engineering, construction, and infrastructure works.
The Socimex group began to emerge gradually through Socimex and Safrimex.
Sonades was established in 2008, as a young powerhouse in the electric and green energy industry in the Democratic Republic of Congo. We have established ourself as a significant participant in the country's electrification program.
Socitrans is a trucking and transportation company established in 2004. We mainly connect the corridor between the ports of Matadi, and Kinshasa.
Central Motors has been at the forefront of the automobile industry for over a decade. The Company was founded in 2007. We, at Central Motors, are the leading distributors of Hyundai, Mazda, New Holland and Ashok Leyland in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Congo Oil and Derivatives, a young budding plant of the Group, is rooted in Congolese territory. As the group's newest member, it is contributing to the formation of a strategic partnership to boost vegetable palm oil farm output in the Lower Congo.