Congo Oil and Derivatives, a young budding plant of the Group, is rooted in Congolese territory. We specialize in the industry of vegetable palm oil, fats, and agricultural products. Congo Oil and Derivatives has established a state-of-the-art facility in the province of Bas-Congo, and is a vital partner for vegetable palm oil growers. Our onsite facility and array of products allow us to set effective channels along the Boma-Matadi-Kinshasa corridor; The Democratic Republic of Congo has a tremendous potential of becoming a leading exporter of palm oil in the region as the Bas-Congo and Equator palm plantation is evolving. Our role through a nation-wide policy is to enhance this industry, increase growth and battle poverty. Congo Oil and Derivatives involves the community in each and every step of product development by conducting Consultative investigations. This leads to a true partnership between Congo Oil and the community it supports. Through reciprocity, we enable the Democratic Republic of Congo to deliver the highest quality of palm oil products.

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